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Outdoor Storage Shed, Metal Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage (5 x 3 FT)

Introducing our durable and spacious Outdoor Storage Shed, the ultimate solution for organizing your outdoor space with ease and style. Crafted from sturdy metal in an elegant brown finish, this shed blends seamlessly into any garden or backyard setting.

With dimensions of 34.2 inches in depth, 63.3 inches in width, and standing tall at 71 inches, it offers ample storage space without occupying too much of your outdoor area. Despite its generous size, it weighs just 78 pounds, ensuring easy maneuverability during setup and installation.

Constructed with top-quality alloy steel, both the base and frame of this shed guarantee long-lasting durability and resilience against the elements. Its waterproof design ensures that your belongings remain safe and dry, no matter the weather conditions.


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